A brief list of useful Afrikaans travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = JA  (yah)
no = NEE (near, with silent r)
hello = HALLO (hah low)
goodbye = TOT SIENS (tawt seens)
please = ASSEBLIEF (ahs suh bleef)
thank you = DANKIE (dung key)
it is nice to meet you = DIT IS GOED OM JOU TE ONTMOET (duht uhs xoot awm yoh tuh awnt moot)
take me to my hotel = NEEM MY NA MY HOTEL (neahm may nah may hoah tell)
where is the bathroom = WAAR IS DIE BADKAMER (vahr uhs dee baht car muhr -- car with silent r )
how much does this cost = HOEVEEL KOS DIT (hoo fearl caws duht -- fear with silent r followed by l )
help = HELP (help, as in English)
doctor = DOKTER (dawk tuhr)
police = POLISIE (poor lee see -- poor with silent r)
pharmacy = APTEEK (ahp teark  -- tear with silent r followed by k)
taxi = TAXI (tahk see)
train = TREIN (train, as in English, but shortened)
subway = STASIE (stah see)
bus = BUS (buhs)
street = STRAAT (straht)
left = LINKS (luhnks)
right = REGS (rehxs)
middle = MIDDEL (middle, as in English)
under = ONDER (awn duhr)
beef = BEES (beahs)
chicken = HOENDER (hoonder)
lamb = SKAAP (scahp)
fish = VIS (fuhs)
pork = VARK  (fahrk)
veal = VEAL
ham = HAM (hahm)
broil = BROIL
bake = BAK (bahk)
boil = KOOK (koahk)
fry = BRAAI (bry)
barbeque = BRAAIVLEIS (bry flays)
vegetable = GROENTE  (xroon tuh)
salad = SLAAI (sly)
bread = BROOD (broaht)
cheese = KAAS (cars -- with silent r )
rice = RYS (rays, but shortened)
potato = AARTAPPEL (ahr tahp puhl)
soup = SOP (sawp)
chocolate = SJOKKELADE (shawck kuh lah duh)
dessert = POEDING (poo duhng)
coffee = KOFFIE (caw fee)
tea = TEE (tear -- with silent r)
milk = MELK (mehlck)
beer = BIER (beer  -- bee as in honey bee, followed by r)
purified water = SUIWER WATER (say vuhr vah tuhr)

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