A brief list of useful Arabic travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = Na'am
no = La'
hello = Marhaba
goodbye = Ma' Al-Salama
please = Lao Samahet
thank you = Shokran
it is nice to meet you = Tsharafna
take me to my hotel = Khodney Al-Hotel
where is the bathroom = Feyn al hamam
how much does this cost = Kam al se'er
help = mosa'ada
doctor = doctor
police = shorta
pharmacy = saydaleya
taxi = taksi
train = qetar
subway =
bus = baas
street = share'
left = Yasaar
right = Yameen
middle = Al-Nus
under = tahet
beef = Lahmi
chicken = Dajaj
lamb = Kharoof
fish = Samak
pork = Khanzeer
veal = Ejl
ham = Khanzeer
broil = Shawi
bake = Fi al-foron
boil = Maslooq
fry = Meqley
vegetable = Khodra
salad = Salata
bread = Khobz
cheese = Jubna
rice = Ruz
potato = Batata
soup = Shorba
chocolate = Chocalata
dessert = Helweyat
coffee = Qahwa
tea = Shai
milk = Haleeb
beer = Beera
purified water = Mai

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