A brief list of useful Cantonese travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = HAI
no = M HAI
hello = LAY HO
goodbye = JOY GEEN
please = CHENG
thank you = M GOY
it is nice to meet you = NGOH HO GO HING TOONG LAY GEEN MEEN
take me to my hotel = CHENG LENG NGOH DO NGOH GE JAI DEEM
where is the bathroom = CHEE SOH HAI BEEN DO AH
how much does this cost = LEE GOH GAY DOH CHEEN AH
help = GOW MENG AH
doctor = YEE SANG
police = GING CHART
pharmacy = YEURK FONG
taxi = DEK SI
train = FOH CHEH
subway = DEEN CHEH
bus = BA SEE
street = LOOK
left = JOH
right = YOW
middle = JOONG
under = HAH
beef = NGOW YOOK
chicken = GAI YOOK
fish = YOO
pork = JOO YOOK
ham = FOH TOY
broil = CHEURK
bake = GOOK
boil = GWAN
fry = JEEN
vegetable = SOH CHOY
salad = SA LUT
bread = MEEN BO
cheese = JEE SEE
rice = FAN
potato = SOO JAI
soup = TONG
chocolate = JOO GOO LIK
dessert =
coffee = GAH FEH
tea = CHA
milk = NGOW NAI
beer = BEH JOW
purified water = KWONG CHOON SOY

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