A brief list of useful Danish travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = YA
no = NAEI
hello = GO DA
goodbye = FA-AR VA-EL
please = VEAR-SCO
thank you = TA-AK
it is nice to meet you = DE EN FO-AR-NO-EY-YEL-SE AT TRAF-E DEM
take me to my hotel = KO-ER MAIL TEL MEET HO-TEL
where is the bathroom = VO-AR ER BATHE VA-ER-EL-SET
how much does this cost = VATH KO-STER DE
help = YAELP
doctor = DOK-TOR
police = PO-LI-TI
pharmacy = A-PO-TEK
taxi = TA-XI
train = TO-AW
subway = STO-AW
bus = BOOS
street = GATHE
left = VHEN-STRE
right = HO-EY-RE
middle = MET-TEN
under = UN-NER
beef = OK-SE
chicken = KYL-LING
lamb = LAM
fish = FESK
pork = GREES
veal = KALVE
ham = SKEN-KE
broil = GRILLE
bake = BA-YE
boil = KO-AW-E
fry = STE-YE
vegetable = GROEN-SA YER
salad = SA-LAT
bread = BROEDTH
cheese = OST
rice = REES
potato = KAR-TOF-FEL
soup = SUP-PE
chocolate = SYO-KO-LA-THE
dessert = DE-SERT
coffee = KAF-FE
tea = TEE
milk = MAELK
beer = OEL
purified water = KEEL-LE-VANN

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