A brief list of useful Dutch travel phrases
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Sorry, but we do NOT do custom translations.  If you want translations for this language, contact the person who contributed these phrases to our website:  Gerrit Boschloo (The Netherlands)

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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

hello = HAL-LO
goodbye = TOTE-ZEANS
please = ALS-TU-BLEAFT
thank you = DAHNK UUH
it is nice to meet you = PRET-TEG CAN-NIS TE MAH-KEN
take me to my hotel = BRENG MAI NAHR MAIN HO-TEL
where is the bathroom = WAAHR IS THE WAY-SAY
how much does this cost = WHO VEEL COST DIT
help = HELP
doctor = DOCK-TER
police = POH-LI-TSEA
pharmacy = DROH-GIST
taxi = TAH-XI
train = TRYNE
subway = MEH-TRO
bus = BUS
street = STRAHT
left = LINKS
right = REGGTS
middle = MID-DLE
under = ON-DER
beef = RUND
chicken = KIP
lamb = LAMM
fish = VIS
pork = VAR-KEN
veal = KAL-LEF
ham = HAMM
broil = GGRIL-LEN
bake = BAHK-KEN
boil = KOH-KEN
fry = BRAH-DEN
vegetable = GGROEN-TE
salad = SA-LAH-DE
bread = BROHT
cheese = KAHS
rice = RAIST
potato = AHR-DAHPPLE
soup = SOUP
chocolate = SHOW-KO-LAHDE
dessert = DES-SERT
coffee = COF-FEE
tea = TAY
milk = MEHLK
beer = BEER
water = WAH-TER

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