A brief list of useful Filipino travel phrases
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Sorry, but we do NOT do custom translations.  If you want translations for this language, contact the person who contributed these phrases to our website:  Dana-mickaela Farrales(USA) and Emilia Kozulko

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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

hello = KUH-MOO-STA
goodbye = PAH-AH-LAM
please = PAH-KEY
thank you = SAH-LAH-MAHT
how are you = KA MOO-STAH KA
good morning = MA-GAN-DANG U-MA-GA
you are beautiful = MA-GAN-DA KAH
it is nice to meet you = MAH-BU-TI NA-MAN NA-KI-LA-LA KI-TA
take me to my hotel = DAHL-HIN-MO-AHK-0H-SAH-AH-KIN-HO-TEL
where is the bathroom = SAH-AHN-ANG-BAHN-YO
how much does this cost = MAG-KAH-NOH-EE-TOH
help = TOO-LONG
doctor = DUC-TOR
police = PUH-LIS
pharmacy = FAR-MAH-SEE-YA
taxi = TAX-EE
train = TREN
subway = ?
bus = BUS
street = CAHL-SAH-DAH
left = KAH-LI-WAH
right = KAH-NAH
middle = GIT-NA
under = SAH IL-LA-LIM
beef = CAR-NEH
chicken = MA-NOK
lamb = KAM-BING
fish = IS-DA
pork = BAH-BOY
veal = VA-SIK-KA
ham = HUM-ON
broil = IN-I-HAW
bake = ?
boil = NI-LA-GAH
fry = PRE-TOE
vegetable = GOO-LAY
salad = SA-LAD
bread = TEE-NAH-PIE
cheese = KEH-SO
rice = KA-NIN
potato = PO-TAH-TAS
soup = SOH-PAS
chocolate = CHO-KO-LAH-TEH
dessert = MA-TA-MIS
coffee = KA-FEH
tea = CHA-A
milk = GAH-TAS
beer = BEER
purified water = ???-TOH-BIG

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