A brief list of useful Finnish travel phrases
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Sorry, but we do NOT do custom translations.  If you want translations for this language, contact the person who contributed these phrases to our website:  Jyrki Jaakkola (Canada)

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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

hello = TER-VEH
goodbye = NA-KE-ME-IN
please = (does not exist in Finnish)
thank you = KEE-E-TOS
it is nice to meet you = HAU-SKA TA-VA-TAH
take me to my hotel = A-JA HO-TEL-LEE-IN
where is the bathroom = MIS-SA ON W-C
how much does this cost = PAL-JON-KO TA-MA MAK-SA
help = AH-PU-AH
doctor = LA-A-KA-REE
police = PO-LEE-IS-E
pharmacy = AP-TEEK-KEE
taxi = TAXI
train = JU-NA
subway = MET-RO
bus = BUS-SEE
street = KA-TU
left = VA-SEN
right = O-E-KEE-AH
middle = KES-KEE
under = AL-LA
beef = LI-HA
chicken = KA-NA
lamb = LAM-MAS
fish = KA-LA
pork = SI-KA
veal = VA-SIK-KA
ham = KINK-KU
broil = KA-RIS-TA-AH
bake = LAY-E-PO-AH
boil = KAY-EAT-TA-AH
fry = PIES-TA-AH
vegetable = VI-HAN-NES
salad = SA-LA-AT-TEE
bread = LAY-E-PA
cheese = JU-US-TOE
rice = REE-E-SEE
potato = PE-RU-NAH
soup = KAY-EAT-TOE
chocolate = SUK-LA-AH
dessert = JAL-KIR-U-O-KAH
coffee = KAH-VEE
tea = TEE
milk = MA-E-TOE
beer = O-LUT
purified water =PUH-DIS-TE-TU VE-SEE

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