A brief list of useful French travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically. 

yes = WEE
no = NO
hello = BON-ZHOOR
goodbye = OH RUV-VWAR
please = SEAL-VOO-PLAY
thank you = MARE-SEE
it is nice to meet you = ON-SHON-TAY DUH FAIR VOH-TREH KON-AY-SANS
take me to my hotel = AH-MEN-AH Y-MWA A MON OH-TEL SEAL-VOO-PLAY
where is the bathroom = OU SAN LAY TWAH-LET
how much does this cost = SAY KOM-BEE-YEN SEAL-VOO-PLAY
help = OH SEH-KOOR
doctor = MED-SAN
police = POH-LEES
pharmacy = FAR-MAH-SEE
taxi = TAX-SEE
train = TREN
subway = MAY-TRO
bus = BOOS
street = RUE
left = GOHSH
right = DRWAH
middle = OH MILL-E-YUH
under = SOU
beef = BUHF
chicken = POO-LAY
lamb = LAN-YOH
fish = PWAH-SON
pork = POR
veal = VOH
broil = GREE-YAY
boil = BOO-YEE
fry = FREET
vegetable = LAY-GOOM
salad = SAH-LAHD
bread =PAHN
cheese = FROM-AZSH
rice = REE
potato = POM-DUH-TARE
soup = SOOP
chocolate = SHO-KO-LAH
dessert = DEH-SER
coffee = KAH-FAY
tea = TAY
milk = LAY
beer = BEE-YEHR
purified water = LO PURE-EE-FEE-AY

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