A brief list of useful Hebrew travel phrases
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Sorry, but we do NOT do custom translations.  If you want translations for this language, contact the person who contributed these phrases to our website:  Dan Allina-Turnauer (Israel)

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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

hello = SHA-LOME
goodbye = SHA-LOME
please = BEH-VAH-KAH-SHA
thank you = TOE-DAH
it is nice to meet you = NA-EME ME-ODE
take me to my hotel = KACH OH-TEE LEH MA-LON SHEH-LEE
where is the bathroom = EH-HE-FO HA SHEH-RU-TIM
how much does this cost = KAH-MA SEH SOH-LEE
help = A-UH-SI-LIM
doctor = RO-FEH
police = MISH-TAH-RAH
pharmacy = BAIT MIR-KAH-AHT
taxi = MOE-NIT
train = RAH-KEH-VET
subway = SOO-BIH-VAY
street = RE-HOVE
left = SMO-LIH
right = YAH-MIN
middle = EM-PIH-SAH
under = MI-TA-HAAT
beef = BAH-KAR
chicken = OH-F
lamb = KE-VE-S
fish = DA-GEH
veal = EH-GEEL
ham = YAH-RED
broil = ZAH-LACH
bake = AH-FAH
boil = RAH-TAHCH
fry = TI-GEN
vegetable = YEEH-RAH-KOT
salad = SA-LAAT
bread = LEH-HEM
cheese = GEH-VEE-NAH
rice = OH-RIZ
soup = MAH-RAKH
chocolate = SHO-KOH-LAT
dessert = KI-NU-AH AH-HA-RON-NAH
coffee = KAH-FEE
tea = TEE-I
milk = HA-LAH-V
beer = BEE-RAH
purified water =MY-YEEM FIL-TER

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