A brief list of useful Icelandic travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = YA
no = NEI
hello = HAL-LO
goodbye = BLESS
thank you = TAK
it is nice to meet you = GA-MAN AO KIN-NAST PER
take me to my hotel = HJAL-PAO MER AO FIN-NA HO-TEL-I-O
where is the bathroom = HVAR ER BA-O-HER-GI-O
how much does this cost = HVAO KOS-TAR PET-TA
help = HYALP
doctor = LEK-NIR
police = LOG-REG-LA
pharmacy = A-PO-TEK
taxi = LEI-GU-BIL
train = LEST
subway = LEST
bus = STRE-TO
street = GA-TA
left = VIN-STRI
right = HEG-RI
middle = MI-O-YA
under = UN-DIR
beef = NAU-TAK-YOT
chicken = KYUK-LIN-GUR
lamb = LAM-BAK-YOT
fish = FIS-KUR
pork = SVIN-AK-YOT
veal = KALF-AK-YOT
ham = SKIN-KA
broil = OF-N-BA-KA
bake = BA-KA
boil = SYO-A
fry = STEIK-YA
vegetable = GREN-ME-TI
salad = SA-LAT
bread = BRAU-O
cheese = OS-TUR
rice = HRIS-GRY-ON
potato = KAR-TO-FLUR
soup = SU-PA
chocolate =SUK-KU-LA-O
dessert = EFF-TIR-RET-TR
coffee = KAF-FI
tea = TE
milk = MYOLK
beer = BYOR
purified water = SE-O VAT-EN

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