A brief list of useful Japanese travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = HAI
no = EE-E
hello = KO-NI-CHI-WA
goodbye =SY-OH-NY-RAH
please = DO-ZO
thank you = A-RI-GA-TO
what is your name = O NA-MAI WA NAN DES-KA
my name is = WA-TA-SHI NO NA-MAI WA
how are you = O GEN-KI DES-KA
it is nice to meet you = DO-ZO YO-RO SHIK-KU or YOH-ROH-SHEE-KOO ONEE-GY-SHEE-MAS
i'm fine thanks, and you = HAI, GEN-KI DES, AN-A-TA WA
what is the time = IMA NAN-JI DES-KA
take me to my hotel = HO-TER E IKI-TAI NO DES-GA
where is the bathroom = TOY-RE WA DOKO DES-KA
how much does this cost = I-KU-RA DES-KA
help = TA-TSU-KETE
doctor = I-SHA
police = KEI-SAT-SU
pharmacy = YAK-KYO-KU
taxi = TAK-SHI
train = DEN-SHA
subway = CHI-KA-TETS
bus = BAS
street = MI-CHI
left = HI-DA-RI
right = MI-GI
middle = CHUU-OU or MAN-NA-KA
under = SHI-TA
beef = GYU-NI-KU
chicken = CHI-KIN/TO-RI-NI-KU
lamb = KO-HIT-SU-JI or LA-MU-NI-KU
fish = SA-KA-NA
pork = BOO-TA-NI-KU
veal = GYU-NI-KU
ham = HAM
broil = YU-DE-RU
bake = YA-KU
boil = YU-DE-TA
fry = A-GE-TA
vegetable = YA-SAI
salad = SA-RA-DA
bread = PAN
cheese = CHEES-U
rice = GO-HAN
potato = PO-TE-TO
soup = SOUP-U
chocolate = CH-KO-RE-TO
dessert = DE-ZA-TO
coffee = KO-HEE
tea = CHA
milk = MIR-K
beer = BI-RU
purified water = MINE-RARU WO-TA
what is your name =

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