A brief list of useful Kashmiri (India) travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = EEN
no = NA
hello = WA-RAY CHUV
goodbye = A-CHA NA-MAS-KAR
please = BA-LAI LA-GAI
thank you = ME-HUR-BA-E-NI
it is nice to meet you = TO-HI MEL-YITH GA-YI MA WAR-YAH KUSH-TI
take me to my hotel = MA NYE-TAV MY-AINES HO-TEL-AS TA-MATH
where is the bathroom = SHAN KAT-YAN CHU KA-RUN
how much does this cost = YI KET-YIS CHU
help =
doctor = HA-KEEM
police = PULS-WOL
pharmacy = DA-WAK-HAN
taxi = MO-TOR CAR
train = RAIL-GAID
bus = GAID
street = BA-ZEER
left = KHO-VUR
right = DACH-YUN
middle = MANZ-YUM
under = TAL
beef = GAV
chicken = KO-KUR
lamb = ?
fish = GAAD
pork = SOAR
veal = ?
ham = ?
broil = TAN-DOOR
bake = ?
boil = GRAK-NA-VUN
fry =
vegetable = SAB-ZI
salad = SA-LADH
bread = DOU-BLE CHOT
cheese = CHA-MAN
rice = BAT
potato = O-LU
soup = RAS
chocolate =
dessert = ?
coffee = KA-FI
tea = CHAY
milk = DHODH
beer = ?
purified water = A-SAL POIN

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