A brief list of useful Korean travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = YE
no = A-NIM-NI-DA
please = (No direct translation. Has to be used in context.)
thank you = GAM-SAH HAM-NEE-DA
it is nice to meet you = BAN-GAP SUP-NEE-DA
take me to my hotel = HOTEL-LO GAP-SEE-DA
where is the bathroom = BYUN-SOH UH-DEE-YIP-NEE-GA
how much does this cost = UL-MA YIP-NEE-GA
doctor = DOCTUH or EUEE-SAH
police = GYONG-CHAR
pharmacy = YAK-GOOK
taxi = TACK-SEE
train = GI-CHAH
subway = JI-HA-RO
bus = BU-SS
street = GIL
left = WEN-JOK
right = OH-RUN-JOK
middle = JOONG-GAN
under = AH-RE
beef = SOH-GO-GI
chicken = DAAK-GO-GI
lamb = YANG
pork = DAEJI-GO-GI
veal = SOHNG-AH-JI
ham = DAEJI-GO-GI (same as pork)
broil = GOO-YEE
bake = (They don't bake in Korea)
boil = ZIMM
vegetable = CHAE-SOH
salad = SA-LA-DA
bread = BAANG
cheese = CHEE-ZH
rice = BA-AP
potato = GAM-JA
soup = GOOK
chocolate = CHO-CO-RAET
dessert = HOO-SIK
coffee = CO-PEE
tea = CHAH
milk = WOO-YU
beer = MAEK-JOO
purified water =MOOL
dog = KAY
fire = BOOL
puppy = KAANG-AH-JEE

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