A brief list of useful Malaysian travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = I-A
no = TI-DAK
hello = HEL-LO
goodbye = SE-LA-MAT TING-GAL
please = TER-I-MA or SI-LA
thank you = KA-SIH
it is nice to meet you = GEN-BI-RA BER-TE-MU DEN-GAN KA-MU
take me to my hotel = HAN=TAR-KAN SA-YA KE HO-TEL
where is the bathroom = DI-MA-NA BI-LIK AIR
how much does this cost = BE-RA-PA-KAH HAR-GAN-YA
help = TO-LONG
doctor = DOK-TOR
police = PO-LIS
pharmacy = FAR-MA-SI
taxi = TEK-SI
train = KE-RE-TA-PI
subway = TE-RO-WONG
bus = BAS
street = JA-LAN
left = KI-RI
right = KA-NAN
middle = TEN-GAH
under = BA-WAH
chicken = DA-GING A-YAM
fish = IK-AN
pork = BA-BI
veal = RU-SA
ham = ?
broil = BU-BUH
bake = BA-KAR
boil = RE-BUS
fry = GO-RENG
vegetable = SA-YUR-SA-YU-RAN
salad = SALAD
bread =RO-TI
cheese = KE-JU
rice = NA-SI
potato = U-BI KEN-TANG
soup = SUP
chocolate = CO-KO-LAT
dessert = PEN-CU-CI MU-LUT
coffee = KO-PI
tea = TEH
milk = SU-SU
beer = BIR
purified water = AIR TU-LIN

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