A brief list of useful Spanish travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

hello = O-LA
goodbye = AH-DEE-OS
please = POR FAH-VOR
thank you = GRAH-SI-AHSE
it is nice to meet you = GU-STO EN CON-O-CER-TAY
take me to my hotel = YEE-VAH-MAY A ME O-TEL
where is the bathroom = DOEN-DAY ES-TAH EL BAHN-YO
how much does this cost = KWAN-TOE KWES-TAH
help = AH-YU-DAH
doctor = MEH-DEE-COE
police = POE-LEE-THEE-AH
pharmacy = FAR-MA-SEE-YA
taxi = TAXI
train = TREN
subway = SUB-TER-RAN-E-O
bus = AU-TO-BUSE
street = CAH-YEH
right = DEH-REH-HA
middle = MEH-DEE-OH
under = THEY-BAH-OH
beef = CAR-NAY
chicken = POE-YO
lamb = COR-DE-RO
fish = PEHS-KAH-DO
pork = SIR-DOH
veal = TER-NER-A
ham = HA-MONE
broil = AS-AR
bake = AH-SAH-DOE
boil = AIR-VEE-DOE
fry = FREE-TOE
vegetable = LEH-GOOM-BRAY
salad = EN-SAH-LAH-DAH
bread = PAHN
cheese = KAY-SOE
rice = AH-ROES
potato = PAH-PAHS
soup = SO-PAH
chocolate = SHO-CO-LAH-TAY
dessert = POS-TREYH
coffee = CAH-FAY
tea = TAY
milk = LAY-CHAY
purified water = AH-GWAH PURE-E-FEE-CAH-DOE

Here's some extra phrases:

Do you accept credit cards = AK-SEP-TA U-STED TAR-HE-TAS DE CRÉ-DEE-TO
What time is it = KAY OR-A ES
Do you have change = TE-EN-AY US-TED CAM-BEE-O
I do not understand you = NO TAY EN-TE-EN-DO
I need to make a phone call = NEH-CEH-SEE-TOE HA-SAIR U-NA YA-MA-DA TEL-E-FÓ-NEE-CA
I am lost = ES-TOY PER-DEE-DO
What is your name = CUAL ES TU NOM-BRAY
Where do you live = DAWN-DAY VEE-VES TU
Where are you from = DE DAWN-DAY EH-RES TU
I am married = YO ESTOY CA-SA-DOE
I am single = YO ESTOY SOL-TEH-ROE
Where is the church = DAWN-DAY ES-TAH LA E-GLEH-SEE-AH
Do you have money = TEE-EN-ES DEE-NAIR-O

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