A brief list of useful Vietnamese travel phrases
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These translations indicate how to say the word phonetically.

yes = VUNG
no = CON
hello = SIN-CHAO
goodbye = TAM-BEET
please = SIN-LAM-EARN
thank you = CAN-EARN
it is nice to meet you = RUT HUN HANG DOOD BEET ANG
take me to my hotel = DUR TOI DEIN CUT SANG
where is the bathroom = FONG TUM A DAU
how much does this cost = CAI NEI BAO TEE-AN
help = YOOP
doctor = BARK-SEE
police = CANG-SAAT
pharmacy = TEE-UM THOO-OC
taxi = TA-XI
train = SA-LUR
subway = SA-DEE-AN
bus = SA-BOO-IT
street = DER-UNG
left = TRAI
right = FAI
middle = YER
under = YER-ET
beef = BO
chicken = GAR
lamb = KER-OO
fish = CAR
pork = HEL
veal = NAI
broil = HUP
bake = NER-UNG
boil = LOOT
fry = CHEE-IN
vegetable = RAU
salad = CAI
bread = BANG-MEE
cheese = FO-MAI
rice = KERM
potato = COAI-TAY
soup = SOOP
chocolate = SO-CO-LA
dessert = TRANG-MEE-ING
coffee = KA-FAY
tea = TRA
milk = SER
beer = BEER
purified water = NER-LOCK

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